Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stash Saturday

So I mentioned awhile back that I joined two new groups on Facebook...Addicted to Sock Knitting and Addicted to Indie Dyed Yarn....and well it may have been a mistake....since all I knit now are socks....and I see gorgeous yarn roll across my screen, what's a girl to do?

Neeley's Knits...A Day in Stars Hollow....I live in Connecticut, how could I not get yarn inspired by the Gilmore Girls....


Groovy Hues Fibers....Viral it blue and gold or black and white? Because I thought this was brilliant and hysterical!

They were both limited editions.....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stitch Along Wednesday - Week 12

Good morning, good morning!  Today I am at professional development all day....can't wait to see what the classroom looks like tomorrow....some substitutes are wonderful...some play on their phone all day....I will take a project with me to fill in the downtime today.....I rarely take projects to there isn't any downtime....and there is always something that needs to be done...

Books:  I am on the third book of The Lunar Chronicles, really enjoying these....they are sci-fi takeoffs of fairy tales...Cinder = Cinderella, Scarlet = Little Red Riding Hood, and Cress = Rapunzel..

So it's socks again for me....although I did pull out my Baktus during The Walking Dead on's pretty mindless....
And so I still have two 1st socks done and am almost done with 2 others....someone asked me why I have so many...well it's because I get bored...I can rotate.....also when I might be going somewhere and think to bring a project...many times I just grab a new skein and cast on a vanilla-y type's small, portable and I don't really have to think about it....

So what about you?  Do you carry projects with you? (I don't typically, since I drive...I usually don't have the time, but occasionally)  Do you work on projects during your downtime..when you know you actually "working?"

 So join up and share with us this week....please provide a link back from your blog...thanks!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Year of Projects - Week 11

Good morning, my fine bloggy friends!  It is still dark here and I am up very early on a Sunday sleep was all screwed up this weekend.... snowed here again yesterday!  We were suppose to get flurries to maybe an snowed almost 24 hours and we got a couple of inches....but then the sun came out and melted most of it away.....I'm hoping this is the last hurrah!
So the crocus picture I posted on Wednesday?  Same spot yesterday...

So onto the fibery's socks..all the time's all I want to make....when I decide I need a go to project, I start a new pair....but I'm also playing around with them...see the first several pair I made were too I am making many more (cough, currently 7 pair on needles) but am trying to figure out how to fit them to my foot...I have strange feet....and I'm sorry, they are too much effort to gift to anyone else at the moment.....they are mostly a vanilla pattern, but I'm playing with heels and cuffs, etc...I just did a short row heel..and plan on doing an eye of partridge for the next pair....I have two first socks done...and two more close to being done...then to cast on the second socks....I'm leaving notes on my Rav project pages...
Speckled Eggs, sock 1
Far Side of the Moon and Adele socks...sock 1....Now the FSOTM socks were for a KAL...however I got stuck on the heel..Fork in the Road, which called for a provisional cast-on...well I figured out how to do that, but I had a lot of yarn between my caston and the where I needed to knit....I couldn't figure it out...and even went to my LYS for help..and she wasn't sure I scraped it and made a short row heel....but the hazards of knitting with black yarn...
Can you see that?  I somehow knitted a round...but I have extra yarn at the start of the I knitted four sides and that yarn on my finger is from the first I have to tink it back and take up the slack...I've done this twice now....

The Adele socks are old...and crinkly, as they were very big when I first started them...I have frogged them and restarted them...I'm going to do a eye of partridge heel on these, as I did on Hermione's socks...

Since I have SO MUCH beautiful stripy type yarn...I'm good with vanilla they really are helping me practice my sock knitting abilities....I also have a pair of toe-up I need to put some effort into this week...

2015 Completed Projects:
White mittens - 1/10/15
Quick Crochet Cowl - 1/12/
Stripes Cowl - 1/22/15
Frosty, the Snowman - 1/24/15
Head Wrap - 1/24/15
H's Everyday Socks 2/7/2015
Stepping Stones 2/17/15
Ita's Shawl 2/18/15

WIPS: Crochet:
Mission Falls Poncho: (Started 2006)
Round Ripple: (Started 2006 (?) Aiden)
Around the World Afghan: (April 2010): about ¼ done

Betty Shrug: I don’t know how long I’ve been working on this, but it only has an arm and a border to go.
Sunrise Sunset Afghan: this has been hibernating awhile, 6 squares done.
Tis the Season (11/10/13)
Tabard Tunic (NW Diss 2/1/14)

Learn to Knit Afghan: (started 2010): 3 squares done
Light in Shadows (1/14/14)
Garter Path (6/1/14) 
Turtleneck Capelet #2 (8/12/14)
Willow Fields (9/6/14)  
Shark in the Woods (11/27/14)
Olivia Owl (12/14/14)
Hawk Baktus  (1/19/15)
Bedrock (2/23/15)

Kai-Mei: (April 2012)
Faces in Wallpaper (Sept 2013)
Adele Socks (April 2013)
Johnny's Socks (Jan 2013)
Irish Tea (Feb 2015)
Those Socks (2/27/15)
Speckled Eggs (3/2/15)

Splashy Flowers: (May 2011)
Larry Stashbuster Scarf (2012)
Beach Bag: (started May 2010)  Just needs lining sewn in
Fire and Blood (5/4/14)
Outlander MKAL (8/8/14) 
Zuzu's Petals (1/1/15)
Downton Abbey (1/4/15)
Far Side of the Moon (1/16/15)


Sunflower: (August 2012) Need a back and to felt  

 Projects in Mind - I have the pattern and the yarn  - this list is remaining about the same...I could add a ton to it...but I'm not going to at the moment...I think when I move one of these projects to the WIP category, I will add another project to this list...I like seeing it all laid out..and it is not overwhelming to me..because it's my list and I can follow it or not!


Owl for Rose
Hats for friend's babies (ongoing)
Hats for students (ongoing)
Kimberly Skye's tunic

garter for Caitlin
Two Elsa doll/blanket things

Test Pattern Sweater
Car Coat
Cowl Vest
West End Scarf 
Gathering Leaves
Petal Edge Scarf
Filippi Scarf 
Firefly Scarf 
Danube Cowl
Simple City
Fire and Ice
Holden Shawlette
Trellis Shawl
Bedford Springs Shawl   
Hats and Mitts
Hermione Hearts Ron
Nehalm Hat
Cabled Headband
Cayunga Hat and Mitts set
Ruffled hat and mitts
Evergreen Gloves
Sheepy Cuffs
Twisted Rib Mitts and Hat
Memento Mori
Siren Socks
Savory Lace Socks
Autumn Flame

Rescue Me, Chin Boy and Show Me the Stars
Twin peaks
Sarape Shopper
Pleated Purse
Circular Felted Bag

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stitch Along Wednesday - Week 11

Good morning my stitch along friends....someone asked what could be linked....any project that is a work in progress....

Well we have had a nice few days here in Connecticut and look what we noticed in the yard yesterday...
Things are popping up...I think they are crocus....I asked the Hubs...he's the one that planted them..and I believe that is what he said.....He also uncovered the blueberry bushes he planted last year...but they don't look like much....BUT the s-word has been mentioned in the forecast for this week we'll see....

On the stitchin' front, I participated in #bedinburghyarnfest on Instagram this weekend....since we could not attend the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in was a lot of fun....but not really so different than most my weekends...only I happened to be sharing it....

If you are on Instagram....I am graceysgoodies....I don't have a twitter account, but I do love Instagram....I love pictures and taking them and sharing them....

Anyway, so during #bedinburghyarnfest, I worked on socks....I finished sock one of Those Socks!  Which are made with Zauberball (it's a dark photo, it was late)

And almost finished sock 1 of  Speckled Eggs
My friend asked if I only knit socks now....I am on a sock kick..and yeah, they seem to be the only thing I want to knit now....

How about you?  Please link up and share....and please if you link up, link back to the blog from your post....I do try to visit everyone who links and leave a comment...I did not last week......I also upgraded, so now I am paying for the link up...and would appreciate a link back...thank you....

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stash Saturday - Clubs

Oh, its been awhile...but I do have a few new skeins, all club yarns...

from MadColor, her Star Trek themed is Resistance is Futile
The pop of green is awesome!

Also from MadColor..and the Sunnydale DizzyColor club is Bored Now...
I adore those reds...

Nerd Girls this month was a favorite...It's Scaring Time, from Monster's Inc...on Zen, which is a mixture of merino/silk/yak...yummy...

I also received a Monster's Inc inspired color from Holiday Yarns...this one is merino and nylon base..called Sully...

When I showed the one from Nerd Girl to the Hubs, he said, "I'd expect it to be brighter." But with that base, it's a more flat color....and actually I'd be more inclined to use that one....The bright blue of Sully is just not for me....but I'm sure I can fins someone who loves it...

The two Monster's Inc together...
Sorry for the flash's early here and still dark out....

So that's my new stash acquisition....and I decided I'm a Yarn Acquisition Expert, as Stephen West says....are you a fan?  I think he is hysterical and just watched his new videos on youtube....I get that he is not for everyone...he is very over the top....but the second about 7:15, he gives you some excuses for acquiring yarn...I can't seem to embed the video...but here's the link...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stitch Along Wednesday - Week 10

Good morning!  we are finally warming up here in the Northeast...things are melting...but we expect snow again this weekend...will it ever stop?

Yesterday was a sad day at child revealed that her father had died on Sunday and we found out that another child has a brain tumor......

But we are not here to be sad, we are here to find out what has kept everyone busy this I said on Sunday, I've not done much...truthfully...the change in time has made me tired...and everyone else...we had so many late kids to school on Monday....

anyway I have done lots of reading...I finishes Cinder and started the next book in the's interesting....

I have worked a bit on some of my socks...I'm on the foot on Those Socks, the green Zauberballs, and put a couple inches into the leg of the Speckled Eggs new pictures how are you doing?  Please join us...and link back others can join in....

Monday, March 9, 2015

Buried Until June

The snow has been crazy this year...anyone who has read my blog over the past month know that we have had weekly storms...

What is crazy is that this all pretty much happened in February!!!!  we had a couple of frigid days...and we had some snow that didn't amount to much, just an inch or two...but in February, we were dumped on every week!

So I've shown you pictures around my place...I went out to the inlaws this weekend...they live a bit northwest of us...the next county, but really only about two towns over...about a 30 minute trip....

so their yard...
Right now?
The top picture is just a little more to the left...those are the same trees.....I am a bit over five feet (1.5 meters)...this snow is almost up to my shoulders...

I was on that little porch to take the next picture.....

The driveway

On Saturday, from a little farther down...
Crazy amounts of snow! I think they may have snow into June lingering in parts!